Saturday, May 15, 2010

AA Final Year Project 2010

" ARchiteCTURE for LIFE "
Urban Communal Centre
SS 15, Subang Jaya
' Urban Oasis ' - Multifunction Park

Prepared by:
Amirul Asyraf Bin Ahmad Nawir
Bachelor of Science in Architecture (LAM1 & RIBA1)
MARA University of Technology (UiTM)
Assoc Prof Ar Ong Suan Huah, Assoc Prof Ahmad Ridzuwan, Ar Norlan, Mr Khairul Anwar

(1) Conceptual board
(2) Conceptual sketches, Key Plan, Location Plan, Site Plan & Ground Floor Plan

 (3) Basement Floor Plan, 1st Floor Plan & 2nd Floor Plan

 (4) Elevations, Sections & Perspectives

 (5) Details Construction & Perspectives

 Studio review

 3 hours model

 Finally I finished my 4 years B.Sc (Architecture) - UiTM 
 Lecturers: Mr. Yaakob, Mrs. Nik, AP Ar Ong Suan Huah, AP Nakiah, Ar Noriati, External reviewers: Prof Allen (UK reviewer), Ar Nazam (Focus Architect), Ar Abu Bakar (Abu Bakar Architect)

Alhamdulillah – Thanks to the Al-Mighty for with His endless guidance and blessings, I have successfully completed this research even though in a snail-paced manner. The preparation of this important document is impossible without the support, hard work and endless efforts of a large number of individuals and institutions. 
            Thanks to my beloved family, Mr Ahmad Nawir Bin Abu Amrin, Mrs Norhayati Binti Jantan, siblings and Ms Noor Syuhaida Binti Udin for their understanding and endless support until the completion of this research. Highest of gratitude and appreciation are also due to my advisers,  for their effortless guidance, criticism and support throughout this project This expression also goes to all my friends especially Prologist .

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