Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ArchiFest 2009 (PROLOGI)

" ARchiteCTURE for LIFE "

Architecture Festival 2009

The Architecture Festival or better known as Archifest is generally held once in every semester; organized by the Bachelor of Science in Archictecture Semester 07 students. It is a tradition that has been continued until to date and is hoped to be upheld successfully.

Why and what is P R O L O G I ?

The event, with its brand name of P R O L O G I is linguistically a combination of two Malay literature term, “Prolog” and “Antologi” which both have the same meaning with their English counterpart of Prologue and Anthology. It is a prelude of a collection. A new beginning of greater things to come; hint of platform to revolutionize, giving new breath to architecture students life.

It refers to a new start of a different approach of how we see and experience Archifest as a whole. It is not just done for the sake of tradition but trying to reinvent by giving depth to it in the form of a more intelligent creative exporation, a seriousness with a fun twist on how we handle it profesionnally, working hard to get something for the purpose of creative self-appeasement.

What is the purpose of P R O L O G I ?

It is a medium where the students are given time and opportunity to explore their creativity and innovative ideas in a more liberal and interesting way, electively different from formal education but the vision of creative and critical intellingence is shared.

As the saying goes in Malay, “ia lebih kepada pengisian daripada penamaan”. A new era has long be ambitioned when our own Archifest would be as the same level as Architectural Association Profilic Visits, Berlage Masterclass and Harvard Visiting Lectures. Realistically, we are trying to achieve that in our own scale, style, skills and capablities.

Sub-events and the subjects are open to be explored by each different personalities. It is how you tackle your ideas, continously updating yourself in this fast and global world where everything new is sometimes old again, it has been done before but how do we intrepet it in our own way, P R O L O G I | its a new start.


by: B.Sc (Arch) 07 - The Prologist

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