Tuesday, June 23, 2009


" ARchiteCTURE for LIFE "

What I have done & learned this week:

(Project B)
Double storey bungalow & mezzanine floor for office with swimming pool, Bukit Gita Bayu, Selangor

:Layout plans
:Perspectives (sketches)- coloured
:Interior view (sketches)- coloured
:Exterior view (sketches)- coloured

:Roof plan
:Space Of Acommodation (SOA)

(Project C)

Single storey bungalow, Hulu Langat, Selangor
-Schematic design
:Layout plan
:Space Of Acommodation (SOA)
:CAD - plan, roof plan, elevations & sections

Comments: Alhamdulillah, untuk projek B di Bukit Gita Bayu, dah present kat client n mereka setuju n CAD disiapkan oleh abang Khairul sebab I dah nak habis praktikal....Wa3..... semua sketches dah colour. Projek C, tengah siapkan CAD. Isnin depan kak Intan nak tengok....

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